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Funky Climbing Stuff For Cats

Kitty Kats has a range of colourful indoor products that will give your beloved furry friends the opportunity to climb around to their heart’s content. All Kitty Kats products have been designed and tested by Daisy and Lola (our own professional catsultants) and their friends, and have been given a big paws-up. However, if you have your own design or a space you’d like to have a cat structure (but aren’t sure what) please contact us – meow!

Our Story

We both had cats growing up and in 2016 we got two beautiful British Blue Shorthair kittens, Lola and Daisy. As well as giving them the run of the garden (fantastically cat-proofed by Protectapet) we wanted them to have lots of stuff to climb around on indoors, however, we couldn’t find what we wanted – stylish, colourful, tall structures with bridges that wouldn’t fall apart after a few months – so we decided to make our own. After many months of research and prototypes this snowballed into what is now Kitty Kats. We hope you and your putty tats enjoy what we’ve done, meow!

Lola & Daisy (and Lisa & Gary)

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